Many of us that are taking part in these risky business endeavors know that it is stressful. It can be good stress and bad stress and we may prepare and plan and assume that everything will go according to our master plan. As we know all too well that is rarely the case. You pour you mind-body and soul into you business or products and services and you go over them an inspect them and hold them to a standard you deem good enough to offer.

Are my services good enough to charge this much money for? Will people see the same vision that I see? Can a client or will a client participate in my creative vision. We start a business thinking that we will do a job or offer a service and every interaction will be smooth and seamless and everyone’s teeth will gleam with satisfaction.

No No!!! A customer is unhappy with my services. Now we start to see that in business, everything isn’t peaches and cream. Everybody won’t be pleased or satisfied to the high level that you would hope them to be. This is inevitable and sometimes your product or work won’t be good enough. Could I have prepared more? Is it my fault at all? Maybe I was just a little bit off my game this time. In any case a dissatisfied customer has to be handled with kid gloves.JAY_8657

To what extent should a company go in order to make their clients happy? Should they offer up any resources available to hold on to this unhappy customer or maybe resolve the situation as quickly as possible hoping to never have this experience again. Companies large and small that are stable and have success will certainly experience its share of unsatisfied clients and customer. It doesn’t mean this company hasn’t offered a good service just because of circumstances that didn’t add up on both sides. The Good always comes with the bad in all aspects of life and that just can’t be helped. Even the best of the best of entrepreneurs have faced difficult situations with clients that presented an event that all the preparation in the world couldn’t prepare them for.

Small business have to fall back on the basics and rely on what got them going in the first place. The very idea and vision should guide you through all situations that pop up in business good and bad. One shouldn’t take bad experience personal but use them as learning experiences that will make you better capable of handling these things in the future and to continue existing into the future is the goal of every business anyway right?


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